mission and mantras
We are the place entrepreneurs come to put themselves first. 

Best Kept Self is a platform dedicated solely to self-care for the busy, burnt-out, and overwhelmed business owners who have consciously and unconsciously put themselves last on their priority list.

We believe that your business thrives when you thrive. 

Our mission is very simple: 

To help entrepreneurs regain energy through their health, become more authentic in the way they look, and live a more abundant life by cultivating mindfulness. 

In other words:




Shauna started her entrepreneurial career as an image consultant in 2007, launching the first and only full-service image consulting firm in South. A couple years into her consulting career, she noticed a huge need and opportunity to fill a training gap in the image industry by combining the technical education with business building skills.

She capitalized on this opportunity in 2010 to officially launch the Studio for Image Professionals, which initially housed an introductory course and a six-week certification program. It now operates as a full-fledge online school for aspiring image consultants offering four unique certification programs and is noted as the most robust e-learning platform in the industry.  

Her expertise in communication, personal branding and entrepreneurship has been featured in Huffington post, YFS Magazine, Mint.com, CareerBuilder.com and other media outlets. She has a graduate degree in Communication and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University, an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies and Business Administration, and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Iowa. She is a 40 under 40 award winner and named one of Charleston’s Most Influential Women in Business.