The power (and harm) of asking questions

But, why? How come? What’s going to happen? Why is that?   Think of yourself in these scenarios. What happens in your body? How do you feel? What happens in your mind? If you're like me, you might get a tightness in your stomach, maybe a furrow ...

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Your guide to building the perfect mason jar salad

Busy boss ladies, rejoice! I’ve got a (healthy) solution to your lunchtime woes. What am I talking about? Mason jar salads. You may have seen them on Instagram and felt some serious foodie envy, but I promise, they are super simple to assemble and customiz...

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Six ways to avoid creative burnout

Picture this: You've been powering through your To Do List (or trying to, anyway) for months, letting one must-be-perfect-or-I'll-absolutely-die client project swirl into the next. You haven't worked ON your business in ages. And you're constantly promisin...

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