3 Ways to Overcome Guilt

  Sometimes, guilt is a part of the package when it comes to being an entrepreneur. We all feel moments of guilt when it comes to our work/life balance. And there are periods of time when most of us will cycle between feeling guilty for working too...

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The magic of gratitude

Sometimes, you find yourself on the receiving end of callous behavior.   You know, those times when folks who had disappeared from your radar for months show up asking for a huge favor.   Or when someone sets up a meeting to discuss a...

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Biz (+ life) lessons you learn when you rebrand

About 1.5 years ago, I started realizing things were feeling a bit–okay, a lot–off in my business. It made very little sense to me–or anyone else. I mean, here I was, writing for a living–doing the very thing I’d wanted to do since I was a t...

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Making Time to Nurture Friendships

Recently, I attended the memorial service for Michelle, one of my closest childhood friends.  It was one of the most difficult things that I have done in my life thus far.  Sadly, this dear friend passed away suddenly.  There was no warning....

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