Beat Procrastination Like a Pro in 4 Easy Steps

My house is immaculate at the moment. If House Beautiful showed up for an impromptu photo shoot, we’d be all set around here. There is not so much as a crumb on the floor or a throw pillow out of place. The dishes are done, the beds are made, and the sinks...

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12 Things Successful Business Owners Say No To

There’s a stat floating around that states 96% of business fail in ten years. If it’s true that only 4 out of 100 businesses succeed, then what holds the 96 business owners back from reaching their potential? Warren Buffet may have some answers. In one of m...

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A Blueprint For Setting Boundaries

  Setting boundaries is an important tool for our business as well as our relationships. Laying out what is and isn’t acceptable is actually a significant part of self-care. Setting boundaries simply means, we are respectfully taking care of our ne...

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Rituals For People Who Hate Routines

Is it possible to create healthy habits when you can’t stand routine?   Of course!   I know I’m not alone in the entrepreneurial community when I self-identify as a rebel. I like to live by my own rules, and do things the way I want w...

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