Do these three things before hiring a VA.

Whether you already have the VA of your dreams, just started your business, or are getting ready to hire one within the next month, read these three things you must do before hiring anyone to help you in your business.   1) Don't wait until you'...

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Six Tips For Slaying Self-Doubt

There’s really no way around (or over, or under) it: As a businesswoman, you WILL experience moments of (searing) self-doubt.   Many moments of searing self-doubt, more likely. While there are a TON of things that could conjure up serious sel...

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4 Weird but Effective Ways to Recharge

  We entrepreneurs tend to think that if we stop working for a moment, the entire world might collapse. We’re responsible for so many tasks every day that it’s hard to fit in time for ourselves, and when we do try to relax, we often feel guilty or ...

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3 Ways to Overcome Guilt

  Sometimes, guilt is a part of the package when it comes to being an entrepreneur. We all feel moments of guilt when it comes to our work/life balance. And there are periods of time when most of us will cycle between feeling guilty for working too...

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