How to winter-proof your business

Ah winter: the biting frost, the dark days and the mushy snow. Not the most inviting season!   And what's even worse than the discomfort caused by the bitter cold and the grey days is the fact that it can really wreck-havoc on your mood. Actuall...

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Why you should get sweaty in your underwear

Panties, bloomers, undies, skivvies, briefs, drawers....I don't care what you call them.   I care that you break a sweat in them. Not the bed business kind, but the kind that involves push-ups, squats, burpees, jump rope, V-sits and anything els...

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Ten steps to claim authenticity

Authenticity.   We hear people talk about it. It’s a popular meme on social media. The word runs rampant in metaphysical circles. We all want it. But how do we really get it? Authenticity is the ability to be real, genuine, free, and original. ...

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